Program Coming Soon

Available at no cost for qualified applicants

Free emergency contraception (aka ‘morning after pill / plan b’) for qualifying applicants.
This service is available while funding lasts. A visit to our office will be required.
  • Pregnancy test taken in-office to confirm applicant is not currently pregnant.
  • Completion of intake questions to determine efficacy (name, date of birth, date last period started, date of unprotected sex, current contraceptive methods used, etc).
  • Advisement of medication possible side-effects and applicant completion of liability waiver.
frequently asked questions
what is this service?:
Qualified applicants (see requirements) will be administered a one-step emergency contraception pill. There is no cost for this service.
is there an age limit?:
Any female applicant of reproductive age (puberty-menopause) is eligible. Your visit is private and confidential, there will be no calls or letters to insurance providers, relatives, guardians, etc.
when should i book my appointment?

Since time is of the essence with the use of emergency contraception, applicants should schedule their appointment as soon as possible after having unprotected sex.