Havasu Helping Girls accepted as an Allied Program of the Alliance for Period Supplies

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We are happy to announce that Havasu Helping Girls is now an Allied Program with the Alliance for Period Supplies.

The nationwide network of independent nonprofit organizations aligns with the mission and goals of Havasu Helping Girls in providing free menstrual supplies to those lacking access and fighting to end stigmas surrounding menstruation.

About the Alliance for Period Supplies:

The Alliance for Period Supplies is an initiative of the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN)–a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization recognized as the foremost authority on diaper need in America. NDBN leads a national movement aimed at meeting the basic needs of individuals in need.

Launched in May 2018, with the support of founding sponsor U by Kotex®, the Alliance for Period Supplies is comprised of Allied Programs that collect, warehouse and distribute menstrual/period supplies in local communities.

Allied Programs are independently operated nonprofit organizations. Each serves as a trusted community resource and advocates for individuals who struggle to afford material basic needs.

View the webpage for the Alliance for Period Supplies here.

The Mission of Havasu Helping Girls:

  • Free menstrual supplies to those lacking access: We accomplish this through our free monthly period supplies program, our tween/teen period starter kit program, and with donations of period products to local schools.
  • Fighting to end stigmas surrounding menstruation: We accomplish this by educating the public about pertinent issues relating to menstruation and period poverty, as well as, socio-economic issues as they relate to girls and young women.
  • Research: We conduct research studies on women’s health topics and use the data to help influence and advocate for improvements in healthcare, education, and other fields.
  • Help young women learn and develop leadership skills: We accomplish this by offering our #GirlsLead courses for girls and young women ages 10-18.

Learn more about Havasu Helping Girls on our About Us page.