Havasu Helping Girls donates period supplies and starter kits to schools in Lake Havasu City

LAKE HAVASU CITY, ARIZONA | DECEMBER 7, 2022 — Havasu Helping Girls, Inc (HHGI) is working with school nurses at Lake Havasu City schools to provide access to period products for students.

Beginning in November 2022, the nonprofit began providing each school in the district with free period supplies to keep on hand for any student in need. In addition, HHGI is providing Period Starter Kits that will be distributed to female students during the annual 5th grade puberty classes. Period products from HHGI will be available at all six of the city’s elementary schools, Thunderbolt Middle School, and Lake Havasu High School.

Executive Director of Havasu Helping Girls, Tony Contratto, emphasizes the importance of this venture to the organization. He states that, “an ongoing partnership with the schools in Lake Havasu City aligns perfectly with the mission of Havasu Helping Girls and will help accomplish our goal of making sure that every girl and woman in the community has ready access to period supplies when they need them.”

“[The] period kits…were the perfect addition to our efforts in educating young girls on menstruation, hygiene and period products available.”


School nurse at Oro Grande Classical Academy, Jill Hoopes, contacted HHGI in October to inquire about period products for her upcoming puberty class. After the first round of deliveries, Hoopes voiced her support for the series of donations: “Havasu Helping Girls provided period kits for our puberty classes, and they were the perfect addition to our efforts in educating young girls on menstruation, hygiene and period products available. The additional donation of period supplies to the health offices within the school district have also given our students peace of mind knowing they have period protection available. This has afforded them to feel supported in the school environment and be able to focus on their education. We are so excited that this organization is in our community and look forward to our continued work together to help the young women in our schools.”

For any student that may also be in need of period products at home, information about HHGI’s monthly period supplies program will be available in each school’s health office. This program provides free period supplies on a monthly basis to girls and women living or attending school in Lake Havasu City. More information on this program, as well as other HHGI programs, is also available on their website at havasuhelpinggirls.com

Individuals and businesses are encouraged to donate to help keep these essential programs available for our community. Jodi Subjeck-Trejo (CFO), asks every member of the community to consider giving: “As we come in to the season of giving and being thankful for all that we have, I’d like to ask the community to keep Havasu Helping Girls in their mind. As the impact of our programs continues to grow, so does the need for funding. Any and all donations are graciously accepted and go 100% toward assisting girls and women.”

Those ready to donate financially can do so on the HHGI Facebook page, directly on the HHGI website at havasuhelpinggirls.com/donate, or in-person at the main office in Lake Havasu City. In-kind donations of period supplies are also accepted at the main office by dropping off new and unopened boxes of pads or tampons, or by purchasing from the company’s Amazon.com wish-list which is displayed on the organization’s website.

Havasu Helping Girls, Inc is an approved and recognized 501(c)(3) Public Charity with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and all donations are tax-deductible in accordance with applicable US tax codes.

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