Link Your Period Tracking App to HHGI to Improve Your Subscription Delivery Dates!

If you have a monthly period supplies subscription with Havasu Helping Girls, your orders automatically deliver every 30 days… but, everyone’s cycles are different (usually between 21-35 days). That means the default delivery dates may not be best for you and your cycle.  Now, you can link your iPhone or Android period tracking app data with HHGI and we will automatically adjust your deliveries based on your predicted cycle dates. By linking your app you will be sure to have period supplies in time for your next period.

data privacy

All health data that you share with HHGI will remain confidential. We won’t share your data with anyone. You can choose to unlink your data at any time.

To get started, view the tutorial for your period tracking app in the list below.




  • HHGI WEB FORMNo app needed! Free. Submit your period start and end dates using a form on our website. Can be accessed on your computer or phone. Requires user to remember to submit form each menstrual cycle.

We are working on making more apps available. If you do not see your app, please check back again.