If you’re a tween or teen girl who hasn’t had her first period yet.. you may have questions, be nervous, or feel unprepared. Havasu Helping Girls has put together Period Starter Kits that will help you be prepared when the time comes! It’s a good idea to start carrying a kit around the age of 10. Most girls have their first period right around the age of 12, but every girl is different and it can happen sooner or later than that.

The small kit is discreet and convenient to carry in your backpack or purse, so you won’t have to worry about not having period supplies when you’re at school… and your kit will look like an ordinary cosmetics bag, so it will blend in with your everyday items. It contains enough period supplies to get you through your first day, whether you are at school, sports practice, dinner, or anywhere else. It also contains some information on how to use the items included and other helpful info to answer some questions you may have.

With a free period starter kit from Havasu Helping Girls, you won’t have to feel unprepared… which will hopefully make you a little less nervous about your first period. If you have any questions, we are here to help! If you’d like to get a period starter kit, click here to go to the REQUEST PAGE. You can also give us a call at (928) 377-5100 or chat with us.

***  due to overwhelming demand and limited program funding, we are now requesting recipients outside our office’s service area (expanded area: red and orange on the map) to pay a small shipping charge to cover mailing the kit to you.  The kit itself remains free.