Pads FAQ

Have you decided to try pads as your preferred methods of period supplies? Take a look at the FAQ’s below to answer some of the questions you may have regarding pads.

The main difference here is, obviously, the thickness of the pad. In today’s terms, a “maxi pad” refers to the thicker version of pads, while an “ultra-thin pad” is simply a pad that is a lot more compact in terms of thickness. This photo shows the difference in thickness between an Always Regular Maxi Pad and and Always Regular Ultra-Thin Pad:

Maxi pads generally are more absorbent than the ultra-thin pads. However, some ultra-thin pads now boast that they are just as absorbent as their thicker counterparts.

Maxi pads usually use a cotton core to absorb blood, while the ultra thin versions use other absorbent materials. Neither should be visible through your clothing, as pads conform to your body’s curves.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Choose what makes you feel most comfortable based on your preferences, your activities during your period, and what works best for you!

Pads come in different sizes… the numbers/sizes on the packages correspond to different lengths and front-back absorbency coverages. As your period progresses, you may find it useful to switch sizes based on your flow. There are also overnight sizes that you can use while sleeping.

Always has developed their own sizing chart to help with the decision on which size you may need:

Keep in mind that these size recommendations are a generalization. So, feel free to do some experimenting and ultimately choose what is right for YOU, based on your body type, your period, and your preferences.

Using a pad is a fairly simple process. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the Wrapper: Wash your hands and then remove the pad from the wrapper .
  2. Remove the Backing: Sometimes the wrapper is also the backing, so you may be able to skip this step. However, some pads have a long piece of paper material on the back that covers the sticky backing. If your pad has this paper backing, remove it now.
  3. Place the Pad in Your Panties: Center the sticky side of the pad in the crotch area of your underwear (the part that is in between your legs). Make sure your don’t place it too far forward or back. If your pad has “wings” then remove any paper backing on the wings (if there is any) and wrap them around the the bottom of your underwear.
  4. Removal and Disposal: When it comes time to change and/or remove your pad, pull the pad off your panties and roll it up so that you only have to touch the backing of the pad. Place the used pad in the wrapper from your new pad and throw it away in the trash. Don’t flush a pad or wrapper down the toilet. They will cause clogs!

Pads can last up to 4-8 hours each. This will depend on the size you are using and your flow. It is a good idea to check them every couple hours to see if the pad needs to be changed. If the pad is wet on its surface, then it is no longer absorbing the blood effectively and should be changed.