The planned workshops will focus on various topics of interest to local girls and young women in the areas of career planning and growth, math & science, and the arts.  Each workshop will be free for attendance and will feature one or more professionals, leaders, or educators from the respective workshop field(s).

Once workshops are announced, you will be able to sign up by calling our main office or by submitting an online application form.  If you apply online, we will call and/or email you to confirm your details.  Some workshops may require a participation and hold-harmless agreement to be signed (when off-site tours and visits are planned).

If you have a request for a workshop topic, please share it with us.

If you are a professional in your field of work or study and are interested in teaching girls and young women more about career opportunities in your field, please reach out to us.  We may be able to develop a workshop featuring you as a presenter.

  • To be announced – currently in development.
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