#GirlsMatter: Havasu Helping Girls, Inc…

..a New Arizona Nonprofit, Launches to Empower Girls and Women with Free Period Supplies, Knowledge, and Educational & Skill Building Courses.

1 in 4 teen girls in the United States have said they’ve missed class due to a lack of access to period supplies

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LAKE HAVASU CITY, ARIZONA — Havasu Helping Girls, Inc has launched operations in Lake Havasu City, a Mohave County city on Arizona’s western border. The staff of the new Arizona 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation is passionate about addressing issues faced by girls and women and working to help empower them to reach their goals.

…the mission of Havasu Helping Girls is threefold: Period Supplies, Outreach, and Education.

Chief Operations Officer, Kayla Feasel, explains that the mission of Havasu Helping Girls is threefold: Period Supplies, Outreach, and Education. First, to tackle issues in our communities relating to period poverty. The organization will make free period supplies (tampons, pads, etc) available through local schools, homeless and domestic abuse shelters and programs, and also via direct distribution to girls and women at its main office. Second, outreach and education of the general public about the issues that girls and women in our area face, including period poverty, proper use of period supplies, ending social stigmas related to periods, and the educational obstacles present in today’s institutions. Third, the development and delivery of a suite of free courses, seminars, summits, and workshops for girls and young women in grades 6 – 12 that will focus on education, leadership skills, college prep, and career preparation.

The idea that led to the launch of the new nonprofit came when one of the Board Members was reading articles about the issue of period poverty in the United States and across the world. “After some discussion with several other prospective board members, we decided to take some action and help. The growth of the idea to also delve into educational and leadership programs came soon after,” says President and CEO, Tony Contratto. He goes on to say that, “the issue of period poverty is extremely relevant in our communities and often the issue goes unseen and unnoticed. Especially considering the recent COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected the economic situation of many families… after purchasing food and paying for rent and utilities, some families are left with little disposable income to purchase ‘personal care’ items like tampons and pads. This can lead to girls and women using other means to deal with their period that can be unsanitary and downright unsafe because of the potential for infections. It also leads to girls missing classes if they don’t have access to period supplies and thus feel embarrassed going to school without these essential supplies. This roadblock to a girl’s education is unacceptable and it is something that we, as a community, can easily remedy.”

It leads to girls missing classes… This roadblock to a girl’s education is unacceptable and it is something that we, as a community, can easily remedy.


The main office of Havasu Helping Girls is located at 1799 Kiowa Ave, Suite 111 in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Girls and women in need of period supplies can obtain them at the office. A “period supplies request form” is available on the organization’s website so that those coming to the office can have the necessary information already completed and their period supplies pack ready and waiting for them. The organization is also working on building partnerships with local elementary, junior high, high schools, and colleges, which will allow students to obtain free period supplies at their school. Girls and young women interested in offerings of courses and workshops can visit the main office or go online to havasuhelpinggirls.com to view a current schedule and sign up.

The nonprofit is also seeking donations from individuals and businesses. Chief Financial Officer, Jodi Subjeck-Trejo, wants to let every citizen in the community know: You can help empower and inspire the girls and women in our community with any size donation… and we do need your help to accomplish this mission! Our current donation goals aim to allow us to provide approximately 7,500 tampons and/or pads each month to those in need, as well as finance free educational, leadership, and career skills courses for girls and young women.” Those ready to donate can do so with a monetary donation either online at havasuhelpinggirls.com/donate or in-person at the main office in Lake Havasu City. In-kind donations of period supplies are also accepted at the main office by dropping off new and unopened boxes of tampons or pads, or by purchasing from the company’s Amazon.com wish-list which is displayed on the organization’s website. Havasu Helping Girls, Inc is an approved and recognized 501(c)(3) Public Charity with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and all donations are tax-deductible under applicable US tax codes.

The company hopes to expand operations to other cities in Mohave County and into La Paz County during Q4 of 2021.

The Company’s Board of Directors includes:

  • Tony Contratto, President and CEO: a Lake Havasu resident who has previously volunteered for and led several organizations focused on youth in his prior home of Southern California. Tony currently works as an Area Field Manager for U-Haul of Northern Arizona. His educational background includes an A.S. in Business Administration from Victor Valley College and a B.A. in Criminal Justice from California State University, Fullerton.
  • Kayla Contratto, Vice President and COO: Kayla lives and owns a small business in Lake Havasu. Her past volunteer experience includes homeless outreach in the Southern California desert communities. She has attended Victor Valley College and has a certificate in Forensic Science.
  • Jodi Subjeck-Trejo, Treasurer and CFO: Jodi has been a resident of Lake Havasu since 2012, when she relocated from the suburbs of Detroit, MI. Jodi has been a local realtor in Lake Havasu City since 2019.
  • Dr. Jeremy Harrison, Board Member: Harrison brings an extensive background in politics and marketing, and has a Ph.D. in Counseling. Harrison has worked on developing a leadership academy curriculum and is working with other board members to further develop educational and leadership program offerings. Harrison is also an alumnus of California State University, Fullerton where he earned a B.A. in Psychology, a B.A. in Political Science, and an M.A. in Political Theory.
  • Stephney Hein, Board Member: Hein’s past volunteer experience has included work with local schools and libraries. A native of Southern California, Hein has several years of experience in retail sales.

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