Shortage of Tampons and Pads?

The latest supply chain shortage to hit the shelves across the United States is menstrual products. In certain markets, there have been major shortages of tampons. Some areas also report shortages of pads as well. This news is troubling…

The prices of tampons and pads have also risen in the last year, with tampons seeing an average 9.8% increase in price and pads seeing a 8.3% increase. Higher prices, coupled with shortages, increases lack of access to period products for women across the board.

If you are experiencing lack of access, trouble finding, and/or trouble affording period products, Havasu Helping Girls is here to help. Our no-cost period supplies program for residents in our service area provides each recipient with a month’s (one period) worth of free period products. If you sign up for the free monthly subscription option, we will automatically deliver each month’s supplies every month until you cancel. Due to the shortages and our goal of helping as many girls and women as possible, please request only what you will need for one period.

If you have questions, feel free to chat with us via Facebook Meesenger, TikTok, WhatsApp, email, or via phone.